Why You Can’t Take A Slipped Disc For Granted

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My family is into celebrating the girls’ 16th birthdays so much that they always throw a big party. A few months before that event, the parents would start contacting venues and caterers to know their availability. There may also be an organizer involved if the party will be too big for them to handle. Then, the invitations will come, the dresses get fitted, and some dance numbers are even prepared.

My 16th birthday turned out as amazing as I wanted it to be. What’s only missing at the time was my father, whose legs got temporarily paralyzed due to a slipped disc. He had been talking about lower back pain while preparing for the party. He went to a specialist but decided to postpone his surgery so that he could be a part of my special event. However, on the morning of the festivities, my dad could not get out of bed. He was unable to move his legs without being in so much pain. In the end, he only saw the party through videos and pictures.

My father is doing well now, but what he went through should remind everyone that a slipped disc can never be taken for granted. It will:

Put You In So Much Pain

In case you are unaware of the spinal parts, you should know that there are discs in between its body. These are soft jelly-like structures that serve as a cushion and prevent the bones from grinding against each other. When the disc bulges out or, worse, bursts, your spinal cord may become misaligned, thus putting you in so much pain.

Before a spinal disc explodes, you are more likely to feel back discomfort than not. Once you experience that, and a specialist confirms your worries, you should not wait another day before getting treatment. Some herniated discs don’t require surgery, after all, especially if you take care of it.

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Cause You To Miss Out On Important Occasions

Paying no mind to a slipped disc may seem reasonable now that you can still walk and talk. You may think, “Meh. It might go away on its own.” Alternatively, “The issue may not progress if I stop bending down or lifting heavy objects too much.”

But what if it doesn’t happen? What if the herniation is too severe that even picking up a bottle from the floor can cause your disc to explode?

Don’t rely on what-ifs because we are talking about your spine here. It is connected to the brain, so if one nerve that leads to another body part gets damaged, you may not be able to use that anymore.

Worsen The Problem Till You Can No Longer Move

As mentioned above, my father was unable to walk when his spinal disc exploded. The doctors had to place titanium plates where the disc used to be to prevent the bones from rubbing together. According to them, Dad was lucky because his paralysis was temporary. Others with the same condition became paralyzed permanently.

Final Thoughts

Source: pixabay.com

As soon as a specialist diagnoses you with a slipped disc, drop everything and don’t wait for anything else before getting treated. It does not matter whether you have important tasks to do or special events to attend. Those things can wait but not your health.

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