Who Are The People Behind Our Healthcare?

Not all superheroes wear capes. Some wear scrub suits! They are the people who spend their time to make sure that we are well. They help us feel better when we are sick, and they are not just doctors. They are the whole healthcare team. The doctor cannot treat us alone. He needs help from other healthcare staff.

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In visiting the clinic or the hospital, we tend to put all our attention to the doctor or the specialist. We don’t notice the other people who are helping in taking care of us. Who are the other members of a healthcare team?

Members Of A Healthcare Team:


Of course, there are the doctors. They are the primary care providers when we need treatment for colds, flu, fever, rashes, and other discomforts. They are also called physicians or general practitioner. They give us the primary diagnosis and refer us to specialists if needed.


Specialists are doctors who studied a specific field in medicine. They can be known as cardiologist (heart and other parts of the circulatory system), neurologist (nervous system), urologist (urinary tract and the male reproductive system, oncologist (cancer), chiropractor (musculoskeletal system) psychiatrist (mental health), dentist (oral cavity), paediatricians (doctors for infants, children, and adolescents), and more.


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Nurses are the people who work closely with patients. They are the ones who do the critical part of our healthcare such as acquiring our blood pressure, heart rate, draw blood, and other tests. They are the people who are always present for the patients, making their stay in the hospital and clinic comfortable.


Therapists help with rehabilitation and correction of movement, coordination, and speech which is crucial for patients who are recovering.

  • Occupational therapists specialize in dealing with developmental or mental problems, patients who had a stroke or an injury. They help primarily with coordination.
  • Physical therapists deal with a patient’s muscles and movements. They treat patients who had injuries. Sports players also use physical therapy
  • Speech therapists work with patients who have difficulties with speech or swallowing, mostly children.

Technologists and Technicians

  • Medical technologists are the people who analyze our tests including our blood or urine samples. They help the doctors in making a diagnosis.
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  • Radiology technicians are the ones responsible for taking our x-rays.
  • Radiologists are the people who read the x-rays and make diagnoses.
  • Pharmacy technicians aid the pharmacists in patients’ medications by preparing prescriptions.


Pharmacists are the people who deal with medications. They studied chemicals, medicines, side effects, and toxins. They are knowledgeable in giving patients advice on over-the-counter drugs for minor conditions. They can work with the doctors to understand the effectiveness and side effects of medications if there are any.

Administrative Staff

The administrative staff is vital in a healthcare team as they are the people who manage and organize payments, patient files, doctors’ appointments, and other administrative matters. They are usually the first person patients come in contact with. They gather all necessary information before proceeding to the doctor’s appointment.

The healthcare team comprises not just one practitioner. Often, we picture doctors when we think of hospitals and clinics, but there are many other people vital in making sure that we get the best care possible. A healthcare team is also a group of people working together to provide patients with their services, addressing their illnesses, discomforts, and other health issues.

Every person in a healthcare team is vital. They play different roles in attending to patients’ needs because it cannot be done by one person alone. Knowing all the information about our healthcare staff makes us understand why seeking medical assistance can be expensive. It is because we are paying for the efforts of people who have spent a long time studying and perfecting what they do. Providing healthcare is not an easy job. In fact, it is the most challenging job there is.

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