How To Keep Flu From Spreading Among Your Family


Every time summer comes to an end, people get excited about the thought of celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. These occasions practically take place a month after the other, after all. The themes are always festive as well, although the decorations may be different.

When it comes to the weather, everyone feels great when the hot weather gets replaced by chilly autumn winds. The changing seasons entail that the colors of the leaves will be different. That’s when a lot of people want to do their photoshoots because they won’t need to edit the background much. And while some folks may complain about snow during winter, they also enjoy skiing and doing other activities on the ice.

The only thing that makes everyone not too happy about fall and winter, though, is the fact that they are flu seasons. You don’t hear an influenza outbreak much in summer because the disease-causing microorganisms can’t stand the heat. Unfortunately, a lot of viruses and bacteria propagate well under wet and cold conditions. The result is that you or your kids may come down with flu one day, and the rest of the family gets the same virus soon after.

To keep flu from spreading in the house, here’s what you should do.

Give Everyone A Mask

The first thing to consider is giving everyone a mask before leaving your home. I understand that mask-wearing people get flak on the streets, but you cannot let them bother you. Remember that the influenza virus is scarier than the weird looks that others may throw at you. If the mask will save you from airborne diseases, why shouldn’t you wear it?

Wash Hands As Often As Possible


It is also essential to wash your hands often, no matter what you have done with them. The reason is that you cannot be too confident that the objects you have touched are clean. The barista who handed your coffee to you may be sneezing a lot. Another person who gave up their seat on the bus for you may have used their hands to cover their mouths while coughing before using the same hand to shake yours and tell you to take their spot. Thus, you will end up getting their virus.

Load Up On Vitamin C And Sleep

On some occasions, you have probably heard of a person who has not been infected by the flu virus despite being around ill relatives. It is an indication that they have a robust immune system, which is what you should be aiming for. So, if you don’t want to deal with influenza, make sure to get enough vitamin C and sleep every day to boost your natural protection against viruses.

Isolate The Ill Family Member

In case the precautionary measures don’t work, and a loved one still falls ill, you should put them under quarantine in their bedroom. If it happens to be your spouse, for instance, you need to move to another room while they are recuperating. You can tend to their needs and feed them, but it is best to avoid staying in the same place 24/7.


Final Thoughts

Staying away from flu may seem impossible, especially if almost everyone around you carries the virus. Despite that, you can be immune to it if you follow the tips above.


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