Healthcare Then And Now


Gone are the days when we fear about a simple bump on our back or spike in our temperature. Back then, people have limited ways to achieve optimum treatment as they couldn’t get enough or appropriate diagnosis in the first place. Let’s face it; healthcare leaped when technology arose. There are now many machines, devices, and software that can help tremendously in saving lives, and somehow, people are less fearful of their health and not getting the appropriate attention needed.


How Is Healthcare Different From Then And Now?

There are so many things we didn’t know back then. Due to lack of knowledge and resources achieved through technology, we had less chance to shed light on illnesses. We couldn’t accurately understand symptoms, diagnosis, or treatment. Our medicine world depended on the knowledge of the past.


Nowadays, we have shed light on many illnesses affecting humankind. Through the use of technology, we can do tests like skin test, blood test, urine test, CT scan, and MRI. These are among the ways to reveal the cause of our symptoms.


Back then, people were fearful of a simple fever. It is because they didn’t have a way to specify the cause of it which we now understand to be merely a symptom of an underlying sickness. It is outright scary to find out what ails us but having not to know our real condition worsens it and prolongs our agony.

We know the importance of proper diagnosis. It is the first step toward receiving the right treatment. It is imperative that we get the correct medications and other necessary healthcare procedures to address the health problem.



One of the most successful industry nowadays is the pharmaceutical. It is because people can now easily access their chance to better their health unlike before where their only hope seemed to lie in limited resources. Today, there are thousands of medications available for the treatment of diseases.

Back then, we were all blind when it comes to addressing life-threatening diseases. For instance, people were fearful of tuberculosis. It was during those times that it didn’t have a cure, and people had no way to escape death. They didn’t have a choice but to wait for their condition to worsen. Today, there is a cure for tuberculosis, and because of that, we can cross out one threat to our existence.

There are so many things that the medical world has achieved when it comes to finding a cure for health problems. Some illnesses may remain a threat, but experts are not stopping until they find answers.


Compare the hospitals from back then and now. The improvement is evident since it is a product of decades of research and study. We are now aware of our necessities when it comes to healthcare. Experts have invented machines and devices which can aid in treatment and surgeries. The rooms now are also equipped with the things needed to make the stay of an ill person less burdensome.

Hospitals nowadays are sophisticated. They even look like hotels that we would not fear to be in one anymore. Back then, the look, smell, and ambiance of healthcare facilities are distinguishable, but nowadays, they are rather “welcoming.”

There is a big difference between the healthcare then and now. It is evident that healthcare has come alongside technology as it opened many doors for discoveries, shedding light on numbers of mysteries which used to be a threat to human existence. We have somehow discovered ways to feel “less” sick, and with our healthcare today, it is like feeling better through the worse.





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