Healthcare For Veterans


During the 2019 Healthcare Summit, helping the heroes of our nation, the veterans who sacrificed themselves for the safety of our land, was the main topic. Since they have served us well, we wanted to return the favor. And to do that, we have this summit to discuss many various ways of assisting them.

We had five primary points on the agenda:

  1. It was discussed in earlier meetings that the heroes must have a say on where they want to receive healthcare and when, as well.
  2. The whole VA enterprise must be improved some more.
  3. They must never wait for a long time when they need healthcare.
  4. Resources of the organization must be well-managed.
  5. The rate of suicide among veterans must be lessened, and the advocacy (preventing suicide) must be pushed some more.

These are very timely points, and when executed correctly, it can help ease the lives of the veterans. After all, they need all the support they can get.


What the regular citizen do not understand about veterans is that when they are honorably discharged and then service has ended, it is a challenge to go back to normalcy. They have been to Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, just to name a few. The violence that one sees in war zones cannot be undone. It will forever take a toll on one’s mental health, and this is why veterans need people like us who are willing to embrace them.

I have heard a wise person suggest things to improve the transition for veterans. She said:

  1. There should be more organizations out there who will personally assist veterans like filing the claims for them, drive them to their appointments and assist with grocery shopping and other basic needs, so much more for those who are disabled.
  2. Each and all of these heroes must have a home that they can call their own since most of these vets are not married and living with a mental health issue. They need immediate help once their PTSD, depression, or anxiety triggers.

These suggestions are very practical. And I agree with all of it. Save the veterans now, because we owe it to them.

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